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We provide the best offer for several aftermarket products like auto parts, batteries, lubricants, and some of the best brands of tyres.

Discover our portfolio of products

We sell and distribute our own brands and we represent some of the most recognized brands in the world.

The professional way we work with each brand has led major international brands to seek AB Tyres to be the distributor or even the exclusive representative of their products.

brands of tyres


Exclusive brands of tyres

We are official representatives of some of the world's leading brands of tyres, in every segment (PCR tyres, TBR tyres, and OTR tyres).

Some of our represented brands

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brands of tyres


We distribute world-renowned
brands of tyres

The world's best brands of tyres brands rely on our distribution.

Some of our distributed brands

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automotive lubricants


AB Lubs and MatraX Lubricants

We are manufacturers and distributors of our brands of lubricants, with the highest European technology, and a complete line of products for different applications like automotive lubricants, industrial lubricants, transmission fluids, within many others.


car batteries

Car Batteries

AB Power, Matrax Energy
and Varta

We distribute and market our brands of batteries, AB Power and Matrax Energy, and some of the world’s leading brands of car batteries.


auto parts

Auto parts

We distribute the main
world brands of auto parts

The distribution of auto parts alongside our full line of products offers our customers the possibility of finding an answer to all their needs in a single supplier.