Matrax Lubricants and AB Lubs obtained Volvo Group Trucks approval


According to the strategic objectives of the Alves Bandeira Group for the production of high-quality products for its brands, AB Lubs and MatraX Lubricants announce the formal approval of Volvo Group Trucks, recently obtained by two of its products, the AB Lubs Ecotruck Super ECO 10w40 oil, and the MatraX Heavy influx 10w40 UHPD oil.


The Volvo Group Trucks is composed of three brands already established in the market, Volvo, Mack, and Renault, which combined have an international market share of 19.2% (2022).


The approvals provided by Volvo Group Trucks were:

• Volvo VDS 4.5

• Mack EOS - 4.5

• Renault VI RLD-3

These lubricants were approved for heavy vehicles from Volvo and Renault, and have a fully synthetic composition UHPD (Ultra High-Performance Diesel) with the "Low SAPS" technology that makes them the perfect choice for next-generation heavy diesel engines.

The main advantages of these lubricants are:

- Extended maintenance intervals: The synthetic bases of its formulation together with a package of carefully selected additives reduce maintenance costs and downtime;

- High lubricant longevity: Exceptional thermal stability and oxidation resistance, even at high temperatures or adverse conditions, which prevents the formation of deposits and sludge;

- Protection of exhaust after-treatment systems: its low content of sulfated ash, phosphorus, and sulfur allows it to maintain the particulate filter, SCR, EGR, and/or catalytic converters extremely clean;

- Exceptional cold start performance: excellent fluidity at low temperatures for a faster cold start-up;

- Fuel economy: it allows a reduction in fuel consumption and a consequent reduction in costs per km when compared to higher viscosity products.


Start enjoying these advantages on the heavy vehicles of your fleet!


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Matrax Lubricants and AB Lubs obtained Volvo Group Trucks approval