Alves Bandeira Group gathers more than 150 employees at the Marketing and Sales Convention

The Alves Bandeira Group gathered more than 150 employees at its Annual Convention of "Marketing and Sales", whose main purpose is to inform and train the teams present on the main news and challenges of the Group and, therefore, to enhance cross-selling between the various businesses and companies.

The event began with a friendly Welcome-coffee, followed by the opening message of Administrator Pedro Bandeira, where the focus was on the macroeconomic framework, the 360º offer that the Group currently has, and the importance of cross-selling, as one of the successful formulas to be able to further satisfy our customers.

At the end of the opening session, the event began, which arranged employees in working groups, who were invited to participate throughout the day, in 4 distinct workshops, organized by the group companies: Alves Bandeira, AB Tyres, AB Chem, Petroiberica, and EZU Energia. Based on the purpose of the Convention and always with the customer at the center, all workshops had the main objective of training employees on the opportunities, challenges, products, and services of each business.

After the training sessions, only interrupted for a quick lunch, it was time for the Cross-Selling awards, which aims to reward the commercials of the various companies that stood out, on one hand, for billing, conversion, and retention of contacts and/ or customers passed by business colleagues; and, on the other hand, by generosity, that is, those who passed more contacts to their companions.

The closing of the event was in charge of the President of the Alves Bandeira Group, Rui Bandeira, and the CFO, João Pedro Justo. The message was, as always, concise, realistic and pragmatic, and focused, on more than the results and sales objectives, on the challenges, opportunities, and importance that the Group’s employees and values - proximity, customer focus, work, dynamism, and flexibility - have for future success.
Alves Bandeira Group gathers more than 150 employees at the Marketing and Sales Convention