Falken Tyres for eletric vehicles will arrive in Europe next year


Good news for those who enjoy Falken-quality tyres and drive electric vehicles (EVs). Falken Tyre Europe will launch the "e ZIEX" next year on the Old Continent. It will be the first Falken replacement tyre specifically for EVs and benefits from one of the best energy efficiencies of any tyre so far manufactured by Japan's Sumitomo Rubber Industries, Ltd. The company, which owns Falken, also announced the launch of these first tyres designed for EVs as early as April in China.  

Prior to the arrival of these EV tyres on the market, Falken was also recognised for its competence in developing tyres for hybrid cars. One example of this is the fact that its ZIEX ZE310A ECORUN AO model is fitted as standard to the premium compact Audi A3 hybrid produced in Ingolstadt.

In developing tyres for EVs the focus is on the best energy efficiency and noise reduction. EVs need tyres with the lowest possible rolling resistance to improve their range and contribute to longer distances per electric charge.

Through advanced material development technology to fine-tune the rubber compounds, Falken has achieved tyres that are not only among the Sumitomo Rubber Group's most energy efficient ever, but also combine this with superior wet performance and directional stability.

Electric car engines are quiet, making the noise of tyres in contact with the road more audible. But thanks to their SILENT CORE (noise-dampening sponges), Sumitomo Rubber Group's EV tyres are quieter. At the same time, they are lighter than conventional tyres, which contributes to resource savings and a lower overall environmental impact.

In addition to excellent performance, Sumitomo Rubber Group also sought to give the new "e ZIEX" an eye-catching design, using its "Nano Black "*1 technique to produce logos on the sidewalls in deeper, more vivid shades of black.

Increasing environmental awareness has boosted the global demand for EVs. Both China and the European Commission have set ambitious targets for the proportion of EVs in circulation and the reduction of CO2 emissions, making China and the EU two major markets for these cars.

In 2021, some 4.2 million battery-powered vehicles were sold, accounting for 6.2% of global sales. This is double the volume registered in 2020. China accounts for half of the sales of electrics on the planet, but there is also a significant advance in Europe and the USA, where the sector is gaining strength. In Portugal, the sale of electric cars in January and February 2022 reached 2,008 vehicles, which corresponds to an increase of 124.6% compared to the same period in 2021.

Falken is represented in Portugal by AB Tyres, a company of the Alves Bandeira Group. The brand has the successful Portuguese driver Filipe Albuquerque as its ambassador.

Remember that the surface of your car tyre in contact with the road is about the size of a mobile phone. That's why you should check your tyre pressure and tyre wear regularly. They are what guarantee your grip on the road and your safety.

Falken Tyres for eletric vehicles will arrive in Europe next year