AB Chem gathers its Spanish distributors of the Matrax Lubricants brand


Recently, AB Chem held a new national meeting of MatraX Lubricants distributors for the Spanish market at the Melia Castilla Hotel in Madrid.7


The event began with a presentation of the Alves Bandeira Group made by José Cruces, CEO of AB Chem, intending to reinforce the importance and business synergies of AB Chem belonging to a solid, credible economic group with a history of approximately 50 years, that today is recognized as one of the main portuguese economic groups.


Armando Pinto, Sales Manager of AB Chem, presented the plan and strategy for the Matrax brand, with the main objectives being:


i)      Introducing the new business opportunities resulting from the launch of the new Matrax Tyres (tires), Matrax Energy (batteries), and Matrax Additives products.

ii)     Demonstrating the high quality and performance of the entire range of Matrax lubricants, as well as compliance with all market requirements, thanks to complete control of the manufacturing process supported by the in-house analysis and R&D laboratory - the Rioja Technological Center (RTC).

iii)    Presenting the international certifications - API, EELMQS, and ACEA - and manufacturer approvals - Mercedes, Volvo, Volkswagen, Ford, and Jaguar - that prove and certify the Matrax Lubricants brand.

iv)    Sharing the training, commercial support, and marketing plan to assist and provide tools that help enhance the sales and profitability of each distributor's business.


The conclusion of the meeting featured another intervention by José Cruces, who presented a macroeconomic outlook on the global lubricants market, and specifically in Spain.


The event ended with a dinner at the Pez Fuego restaurant, where the distributors and the AB Chem team had the opportunity to discuss and deepen business topics, as well as socialize and get to know each other better.


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